Why Choose Grubaugh Law

Effective Advocate

Each case is unique, and presents its own challenges. You wouldn’t be calling an attorney unless you needed help. Grubaugh Law understands different cases require different approaches. But one thing all representation should have in common but unfortunately doesn’t, is for the attorney to work tirelessly on your behalf. To be an effective advocate, you need someone willing to put in that effort, to read the complete file, to spend time listening to you as the client, to understand the law, and to be creative in putting together the best arguments on your behalf. You can be sure Grubaugh Law will be an effective advocate for you.

A Veteran Helping Veterans

Josh Grubaugh is a disabled veteran who served his country in the Army and as a JAG officer. His service continues today as he fights for justice, fair treatment, and respect for the rights of veterans. With his background and experience, Josh could have pursued a higher paying career in support of some other cause. But he pursued a career in support of those who chose to serve.

A Lawyer for America’s Military

Grubaugh Law believes that exceptional legal representation comes from attention to detail, principled advocacy, and a lawyer who will fight for justice undeterred by seemingly insurmountable odds. With Grubaugh Law you get experience, advocacy, and results.

Put Your Life Back on Track with Grubaugh Law

Josh also understands people make mistakes, and they shouldn’t let those mistakes define them or cost them their livelihood. Josh represents those who slipped up and would like to overcome their mistakes, such as when they drink too much and drive, lose their temper, or exercise bad judgment.

Learn More — And Hear from Past Clients

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