Will my disability be covered by VA disability benefits?

That’s hard to say in a particular case, without knowing all the facts. But please reach out for a consultation, and we can talk about your case, whether you have already applied and been denied, or are thinking of applying for VA benefits.

To illustrate how confusing the VA disability process can be. I like to share my personal experience.

I served on active duty from 2009-2017. In March 2015, I was diagnosed with melanoma on my face. To remove the melanoma, I underwent a procedure that cut into the skin in my face, that resulted in a facial scar. That scar was an event that took place during active duty, resulting in a VA disability rating related to service. Surprising to me at the time, there was no inquiry to determine the extent to which the melanoma could be tied to service, or my activities before service.

I probably would not have applied for VA benefits at all had I not been told by a treating physician at Walter Reed Hospital that facial scars are usually compensable, when I was being seen for a follow-up visit related to my melanoma. That one comment is all anyone had explained to me at that point, shortly before I left active duty, that I should seek benefits related to this event. And it meant me receiving a monthly stipend for the rest of my life that I would not otherwise have received.

I’m sure there are many others like me out there, who are not aware of what constitutes a compensable rating or not. I also know that even applying for VA benefits seemed overwhelming at the time, in terms of how to fill out the forms correctly, how to gather supporting evidence, etc. Again, I know from experience — both personally, and now professionally. So please reach out for any questions or assistance.