Connecticut Lawyer Magazine: Should Connecticut Have a Veteran Treatment Court?

So this is an article I wrote for the Connecticut Lawyer, the magazine for Connecticut’s Bar Association. The article is about Veteran Treatment Courts (VTCs). VTCs are diversionary courts, much like drug treatment courts, but to use a VTC an individual must be a veteran. As the article lays out, there are many different types of VTCs in the United States, depending on the state one is in. And some states like Connecticut do not have a VTC.

One interesting side note, for the article I did not speak with a representative from Massachusetts even though they have a VTC. I did not have a point of contact when drafting the article, but I later learned another person in my reserve unit runs their program. So leaving out Massachusetts from the analysis of Northeastern states was unintentional.

Read the full article: “Should Connecticut Have a Veteran Treatment Court?” by Joshua Grubaugh, Connecticut Lawyer Magazine (July/August 2020)